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  • My name is Carolyn, I am a custom natural light photographer located in Katy, Texas.

    I have been married to the one true love of my life for 14 years, and I am a mama to 3 darling boys who amazes me on a daily basis.

    I am a passionate, loyal, and loving person. I have an obsession with photography, and I love when I can capture rare, real, and moving moments in a photograph.

    Feel free to send me an for any questions.

Ella-Tang Family {Katy, Texas//Family Photographer}

What a nice family!!  I love this shoot, so relaxed, and I mean you can’t beat the genetics of these gorgeous people!

Ella-Tang_174 copy

Ella-Tang_259 copy

Ella-Tang_255 copy

Ella-Tang_246 copy

Ella-Tang_245 copy

Ella-Tang_241 copy

Ella-Tang_237 copy

Ella-Tang_233 copy

Ella-Tang_229 copy

Ella-Tang_225 copy

Ella-Tang_221 copy

Ella-Tang_217 copy

Ella-Tang_211 copy

Ella-Tang_209 copy

Ella-Tang_203 copy

Ella-Tang_199 copy

Ella-Tang_194 copy

Ella-Tang_192 copy

Ella-Tang_188 copy

Ella-Tang_186 copy

Ella-Tang_182 copy

Ella-Tang_178 copy


Happy 4th of July {Americana Photoshoot} Katy, Texas Family Photographer

Christian {Fresh 48 Session} Katy Texas Birth Photography

There is nothing like having a new baby.  It doesn’t matter if it is your 1st or 5th, every time is so special and amazing, and those first few days in the hospital are magical and pass all to quickly.  I am one of those people who actually enjoys the time in the hospital, snuggling my new baby, away from all the chaos and demands of the real word.  It is also a time that I think is great to capture, because it does pass SO quickly!  Here are a few from when Christian was born that I did in the hospital.  He was born at Memorial Hermann in Katy Texas, and we had the most wonderful Doctor, Dr. Nichole Cole.  His birth experience was perfect!



When you have a C-Section they ink the baby’s footprints on Daddy’s scrub top, I have this in his memory box.







He had all this beautiful brown hair when he was born!  I was smitten!








If you live in the Katy Texas area, and are interested in a photo session at the hospital after your baby is born, send me an e-mail, I would love to capture this special time for you!

Holland {Katy, Texas Photographer :: Cinco Ranch Photographer}

How darling is this little ballerina?








Delsa {Katy, Texas Children’s Photographer :: Cinco Ranch}

This is my beautiful niece.  I have been photographing her since she was a little girl, and I can’t believe how much she has grown since the last time I saw her!

We tried a few outfit changes, and different hair for a variety of looks.

These last images are my favorite from this session.  I love doing styled shoots, and these turned out with a beautiful softness that reflects the little girl I love so much!

Turner {Katy, Texas Photographer:: Cinco Ranch}

I love photographing this family.  Shalee was one of the first people to take a chance on me as a photographer when she asked me to take her oldest daughter’s newborn pictures.  It is so fun to watch them all grow up!  I wish we lived closer.

This boy looks just like his dad!